Adulticide Information

Modified Approach to Adulticiding

As in previous years, you will continue to observe spray trucks at night usually during the months of March-November if necessary. However, there is no “spray schedule”. A wealth of knowledge is gained from our daily surveillance traps. By speciating mosquitoes in specific locations, our entomologists can decipher such valuable information as: peak activity time, preferred blood source, migration pattern, chemical susceptibility, disease capability, etc. This information combined with weather considerations enables us to tailor when and where chemical applications are made to increase efficacy while using only as much chemical is needed. This does not mean you will be sprayed more or less, just rather at different times based on our scientific justification. 

Spray trucks are deployed only after sunset to protect citizens and pollinators and applications are usually completed with 3-4 hours. All spray trucks are GPS tracked so we can manage exactly the rate and location of all chemical applications, calibrated as needed, and chemical application products will be rotated to prevent resistance in our local mosquito populations. 

The active ingredient in our adulticide chemical applications is permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that acts like the extract of chrysanthemum flowers. Permethrin affects the nervous system in insects, causing muscle spasms, paralysis and death. It is considered moderate to practically non-toxic to humans and most animals, especially depending on the formulation. Permenthrin is actually also the active ingredient in the flea and tick medication used for dogs and therefore our spray will not harm your pets! Our spray is applied at half the rate allowed by the EPA and all efforts are made to only spray when and where there is the least possibility of exposure to humans and non-target organisms. More information (PDF) is available from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Should you desire to have your property sprayed, you can still place a Service Request at any time and we will respond with the appropriate course of action, larviciding and/or spraying, within 48 hours (weather permitting). This service is provided at no additional cost to the citizen. To place a request please call 912-217-6300, ext. 1. 

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