Emergency Pet Plan

Disaster can strike at any time and making sure you and your pets are prepared in advance will help make sure you are ready. Disaster comes in many forms, whether it’s a large-scale natural disaster or a smaller scale neighborhood disaster, having your pet emergency plan and supplies in place will help mitigate unnecessary risks or stress during this time for you and your pets.

Emergency Plan Tips

  1. Identification options for your pet(s) such as updated microchips and collars. Be sure to clearly label carriers for small animals with identification and have an emergency tagging system in place for large animals.
  2. Current photos of your pet(s) and even a selfie showing you with your pet(s).
  3. Copies of medical records, microchip numbers, and any important health information.
  4. Plan out pet friendly places to stay should you not be able to go back home – hotels, friends, or relatives.
  5. Do your research! Know in advance where to go look for your pet should you become separated.
  6. Appropriate transport options – appropriately sized crates or trailers.
  7. Train pets to be comfortable with transport options in advance such as loading into trailers, travel cages, or crates.
  8. Be neighborly – exchange contact information and house keys with a trusted neighbor to support each other should disaster strike when you are not at home.
  9. Supplies and care equipment.