Planning Commission

Camden County Planning Commission


The Camden County Planning Commission is an advisory body that makes recommendations on zoning property, land use amendments, and comprehensive plan policy. The decisions from the Planning Commission ultimately go to the Camden County Board of County Commissioners for final approval. The Planning Commission is the first step in the overall approval process for changes to existing land use assignments, whether the request be a property rezoning, primary variance, or land use permit. The Planning Commission serves to evaluate development projects and land policy proposals which serve to promote existing community-based desires, future land use trends, public health, general welfare, economic prosperity, and overall quality of life for Camden County residents.  

Planning Commission Members

District 1 - Robbie Cheek 
District 2 - Lee DePew
District 3 - Dale Williams
District 4 - Wiley King
District 5 - Alan Rainer

John S. Myers, County Attorney  

A five member Planning Commission shall be appointed by the Board of Commissioners.  Each member shall be a resident of Camden County and be at least 21 years of age.  Each County Commissioner shall nominate a member of the Planning Commission, where their terms will occur concurrently with the respective District Commissioner’s political tenure.  Any nominee shall be approved by a majority vote of the Camden County Board of Commissioners. Members serve an appointed four (4) year term at the pleasure of their respective District Commissioner.

Planning Commission Meetings

The Planning Commission meets the last Wednesday of the month, at 6:00 p.m., or at alternate times as approved by the Planning Commission as shown on their approved annual meeting schedule; meetings are in the conference room located at the Camden County Annex Building.

Meeting Location
County Annex Building
107 North Gross Road, Kingsland, Georgia 31548

Please contact the Planning and Development Office at 912-729-5603 any questions about Planning Commission meetings. 

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