Personal Property

Georgia Law

Georgia law requires that all aircraft, boats and tangible business personal property (furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment and inventory) be reported annually. Business personal property located and used in Camden County should be reported on a "Personal Property Tax Return" form (PT-50).

Georgia law requires that a value be determined even if the owner fails to file a return. Failure to file in a timely manner subjects the owner to possible penalties, loss of depreciation and exemptions, if applicable.

Business Personal Property

Personal Property accounts valued at $7,500 or less is automatically exempt from ad valorem taxes. The property, however must be returned, valued and entered on the tax digest. Owners of personal property with a value of less than $7,500 receive no bill.

Freeport Exemptions 

Freeport Exemptions for manufactured goods and items destined for shipment to a final destination outside the State of Georgia may be available. This exemption requires an annual timely application to receive full or partial benefits. Freeport is separated into 3 categories:

  • Finished Goods
  • Out of state shipments
  • Raw materials and goods in process

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