Award-Winning Government

National Association of Counties (NACo)

2021 Achievement Awards

  • Coordination of Benefits Update in the category of Financial Management

2020 Achievement Awards

  • Paved Roadway Inventory and Assessment in the category of Transportation 

2019 Achievement Awards

  • Interactive Permits and Land Use Dashboard in the category of Information Technology

2018 Achievement Awards

  • Joint Addressing Ordinance and Manual in the category of Planning
  • Emergency Management Agency Joint Information System Plan and Center in the category of Risk and Emergency Management

2017 Achievement Awards

  • "Brush Truck and Tanker Retrofit Program" through a Public-Private Partnership in the category of Risk and Emergency Management (Best in Category Winner)
  • "Advanced Connectivity and Transparent Government" - ’Staying Connected to Residents’ in the category of Civic Education and Public Information
  • Board of County Commissioners Living Well Onsite Wellness Clinic - "Customized Technology for Patients with the use of Electronic Medical Records" in the category of Health
  • Doing Business online - "Efficient and Convenient Electronic Bill Payment Service" in the category of Information Technology.

2016 Achievement Awards

  • "Saving Taxpayer Dollars-Refining Capital Assets-Cost Saving Results"
  • "McKinney Medical Center - Shine, Make Your Community It’s Best"

2015 Achievement Awards

  • Co-Sharing Fleet Management Resources: "Sharing Services Among Different Fleets"(Best of Category in County Administration & Management)
  • Magistrate Court Streamlines Arrest Warrant/First Appearance Hearing with New Electronic Warrant Process(Best of Category in Court Administration and Management)
  • New and Enhanced Citizens’ Academy: "Working in Partnership with the Community"
  • Strategic Plan 2015 ~ 2020 ~ 2030: "A Blueprint for Success"

2014 Achievement Award

  • "Automatic & Mutual Aid - Functional Consolidation, Achieving Success through City-County Collaboration"

2013 Achievement Award  

  • Health Care Reform - Achieving Success Through Partnerships

2012 Achievement Award 

  • Camden Criminal Justice Council - Protecting the Public & Controlling Costs

2011 Achievement Awards

  • Retirement Redesign - Maximizing a Key Employee Benefit
  • Helping Citizens Save Lives - Andrew Cohn External Defibrillator Program

2010 Achievement Awards

  • STEMI - Saving Lives in the Field
  • Going Green - Saving Green

2009 Achievement Awards

  • Strategic Planning Initiative
  • Open Communication in Government
  • STARS Program - Suggestions to Assist in Reduced Spending
  • Institute of Organizational Excellence
Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG)/Georgia Trend Magazine
County Excellence Awards


  • Cybersecurity Education Program (Honorable Mention)
  • Paved Roadway Inventory and Assessment (Honorable Mention)


  • Public Safety-Firefighter Recruit Program
  • Public-Private Partnership of the Year- Camden County and University Florida Health & Jacksonville "STEMI" Program
  • Public-Private Partnership Project - Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
  • Eighth Annual Georgia County Excellence Awards - Financial Category- Improving Healthcare
  • Seventh Annual Georgia County Excellence Awards - Helping Citizens Save Lives - Andrew Cohn   Automatic External Defibrillator Project 

Emergency Management Association of Georgia

NOAA National Weather Service

Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)

Distinguished Budget Presentation Award

Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting