How to Speak 4-H

How to Speak 4-H

  • Cloverleaf: 5th & 6th grade 4-H’ers
  • Junior: 7th & 8th grade 4-H’ers
  • Senior: 9th – 12th grade 4-H’ers
  • Kings Bay 4-H Club: Pre-K - 12th grade

County Extension Agent: Public Service Faculty of the University of Georgia’s College of Agriculture & Environmental Science serving Georgia counties by specializing in the areas of Agricultural and Natural Resources and 4-H & Youth.

Program Assistant: Member of the Extension staff to help provide program support to the 4-H program.

Volunteer Leader: Interested parents and leaders who donate their time to help with the Camden County 4-H Program

4-H Pledge

I Pledge

My Head to Clearer Thinking,

My Heart to Greater Loyalty,

My Hands to Larger Service, and

My Health to Better Living,

For my Club, my Community, my Country and my World.

4-H Motto

To Make the Best Better