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Rimfire Rifle Competition

  1. Two Rivers Gun Range Logo
  2. Rimfire Rifle Competition Registration Form
  3. Are you a member of Two Rivers Gun Range*
  4. Members of Two Rivers Gun Range receive an entry to one class at no charge. Each additional class entered requires a $10 entry fee.

    Registration fee for non-members will be $20 for the first class entered and each additional class entered requires a $10 entry fee.

    Registration and Class entry fee is due at check-in.

    Taxes will be added to the fees listed above.

  5. Please select which class(es) you plan to compete:*
  6. *Please note that the "Open" class is the only class that excludes the 22LR. This class is for .17 HMR or.22 Magnum. 

    ALL other classes (except for the Open Class) are for .22 Long Rifles. 

  7. Course of Fire
  8. Range: 100 yards 
    Sight-In: 10 minutes, unlimited shots
    Stage 1: 30 Shots in 15 minutes
    Stage 2: 10 Shots in 1 minute

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